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Full-Stack Digital Marketing Consultancy

I will provide an audit and improve/build up your

Business Development

Internal Processes



Eye-catching product renderings and animations showing their unique features.
Immersive virtual realities displaying your products in inspiring ways.
Beautiful VFX environments for advertising and motion picture.

Graphic Design

Web Design

Lead Generation / Brand Awareness

Social Media

SEO incl. ChatBot optimization

Blogging Strategy

In collaboration with

Zach Aysan – Data Scientist, Strategist
Cofounder of Algo Anywhere acquired by 500px
Cofounder of Venn (Forbes, TechCrunch)

Vaclav Uruba – Programmer
Ecommerce backend expert at Freely
Extensive backend work on Hartmann

A black and blue logo for marketing services.

Engaging digital and print campaigns led to a 47% growth in website visitors and a 708% increase in social media followers YoY. ’22-’23

Using AI/automation tools and agile methodologies coordinated cross-disciplinary teams to win high-profile projects with a 40% success rate. ’23

Marketing services for Wrk furniture company logo design.

A new ecommerce website with original 2D/3D/copy content experienced a 57% increase in visits, while Instagram visits grew by 807% YoY. ’20-’22

The ikea logo on a blue background for marketing services.

Consulted Sales and Communications & Interior Design teams for best practices during store openings in Quebec City and Busan, Korea. ’18-’19

Mias office concept marketing logo.

Multi-lingual digital and print collateral helped the frontier Czech furniture manufacturer expand into new European markets. ’11-’16