Remembrance Day in Toronto – 100 years since the end of WWI

Mayor John Tory: “.. to renew our commitment to striving the peace, seeking the world without war, standing up for a way of life that so many gave their lives to preserve and to protect. And now more than ever that way of life must continue to include respect for each other, acceptance for each other. The freedom to be who you are was a big part of what that sacrifice was all about. The greatest act of respect and remembrance we could perform and honor of those we lost in all of the wars would be to stand up against the seemingly growing tide of polarization and far too often outright hatred. This too was what those young people were fighting against. And it must never again take a war to remind us that a part of our hard earned liberty is not just to be able to say what we all want and to be who we are, but also to live in a city and in a world where we respect each other and pledge to life free of discrimination and hatred.”

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