The first massive humanitarian assistance in history

During the liberation of western Czechoslovakia by the US Army, General Patton brought humanitarian aid worth $ 261 million dollars. It was called “UNRRA”, financed by the USA, Canada, Great Britain and others (future UN founding members). It was the…

Québec je t’aime

I was fortunate to spend two months in Quebec in 2018. This beautiful place left me with many memories together with precious friendships. And a commitment to come back.
Shinny in Christie Pits Park


hitting the ice one last time this season. knowing that I will be able to jump on the next season (if I don’t mess up). somehow it feels like the beginning of something new.
Gnarwolves live in Prague

Prague 2014

It’s always here colder in February Once we’re aquainted with the Autumn leaves We are accosted by the frost and sleet Never waking up, but barely asleep Summer was a dull affair Walking bleary eyed from bar to bar Trying…