Memories of summer 2018 in Quebec

I was fortunate to spend two months in Quebec. This beautiful place left me with many memories together with precious friendships. And a commitment to come back.

Remembrance Day in Toronto – 100 years since the end of WWI

Mayor John Tory: “.. to renew our commitment to striving the peace, seeking the world without war, standing up for a way of life that so many gave their lives to preserve and to protect. And now more than ever that way of life must continue to include respect for each other, acceptance for each other. The freedom to be who you are was a big part of what that sacrifice was all about. The greatest act of respect and remembrance we could perform and honor of those we lost in all of the wars would be to stand up…

The first massive humanitarian assistance in history

During the liberation of the Western Czechoslovakia by US Army, General Patton brought humanitarian aid worth 261 million dollars. It was called “UNRRA”, financed by USA, Canada, Great Britain and others (future UN founding members). It was the first project of massive international humanitarian and development assistance in history. Starting another occupation, this time by communist Russia, it was banned to talk about “UNRRA” for decades. #lestweforget #remember #remembranceday

Harry Kim’s fresh concept of the Surface Phone brings back hope

damn, my heart just jumped. I don’t share fan designs. ever. but this one! for a person, who doesn’t have his phone already for almost a year … there is a hope now. Microsoft​, let’s do it! the future can be freaking fantastic! #AndromedaOS #SurfacePhone