Canadian TV shows fansite

I took over a Czech fan site about TV show Flashpoint. I transformed it to a community hub about Canadian TV drama. I made Czech subtitles for two TV shows Flashpoint and Rookie Blue. I authored articles for Czech audience that focused on the creation of the shows and on Canadian first responders that inspired the shows. I was able to connect with people working on the show in Toronto and release an interview. I helped visitors to engage in the forum and in discussions. My goal was to make Czech audience aware of these two amazing pieces of Canadian cinematography. Many Czechs didn’t understand English, that’s why I started to make subtitles for both shows. Later I was fortunate to find people that formed “Tym Jedna” (Team One) and were working on the website and subtitles with me. To engage broader audience and bring more visitors to the website, I created and maintained a Facebook page.

Website “”, later “” was running in early days on CMS Drupal, I later migrated to WordPress. The website was able to attract 100 visitors per day and sustain it. That was a satisfactory achievement, given that the TV shows were previously unknown to the Czech audience. Later two Czech TV channels picked up both TV shows.

Skills: Copywriting, Coding, Social Media, Web admin

Date: 2006-2011