Surface Phone or break my heart

This was my first smartphone. I think this is the nicest, most innovative, original and personal phone ever made. Microsoft, if you will not announce your next Windows #Surfacephone by the time of the iPhone8 introduction, i will switch for the first time. Your flagship #Lumia950 is not holding on anymore. Purchased a year ago and it can’t even stand up to Nokia #Lumia920 quality. I love #Windowsmobile platform, but you are breaking my heart. Build the #Surface phone. You can do it. This is your last chance.

Nokia Lumia 920

May 1

to be honest, i kind of miss marching against nationalists and racists. a bit of adrenaline, a bit of rebellion, the feeling that you are not alone in this, meeting new interesting people. here in one of the most multicultural cities in the world people are just kissing under the cherry blossom. boring. i hope you enjoyed the May 1, my friends in the Czech Republic.


The Musketeers

A big BBC hit “The Musketeers” is completely filmed in the Czech Republic and produced by half Czech  film crew. These are one of the few things to be proud of: The Czech heritage – landscape and supertalented people, the best in the industry, most of them working for foreign (mostly western) companies.

What Happened?

“That all men are created equal; that we, the People can form a more perfect union. … The capacity to shape our own destiny. That’s why anyone who threatens our values, whether fascists or communists or jihadists or homegrown demagogues will always fail in the end.”

Goodbye, Mr. President. 🙁