Defund the police? More like “Reform the police”

Too many radical changes happened in the past that lead to even bigger evil. The opposite of what the purpose was. In the Czech Republic, people’s dissatisfaction with previous governments tied to many scandals and corruption lead to the election of PM Babis. Babis was a successful billionaire businessman, who never entered the politics. People thought about him as somebody “pure and innocent”, that can finally lead the country without being corrupted or act in his self-interest. Babis is now investigated for suspected¬†European¬†Union¬†subsidy fraud and allegations of conflicts of interest because of his former business empire. Situation in the US is strangely similar. In 2017 people of the United States voted for Trump. A billionaire businessman, who promised to bring a real change to the previous establishments. In both cases people voted for a change, but that change turned out to be radical and even a worse choice than the previous reality.

What will happen if we just defund the police in the fastest growing city in North America? Toronto, April 23, 2018: Alek Minassian is driving a van to the pedestrians with an intention to kill women. Minassian during this incident known as “Van attack” killed 10 people and injured 16. The first 9-1-1 call is reported at 1:25. At 1:32 Minassian is arrested by Toronto Police Constable Ken Lam in what is known and was praised internationally as a handbook arrest. Imagine how would that day end, if Toronto Police was defunded and therefore most likely didn’t have somebody close to respond that fast.

Defunding the police will do more harm than good and it will not fix any of the current problems. Police reforms that will focus on the process of selecting and recruiting new officers, training, police techniques and practices will. Cut down police funding after police priorities are reshaped. Challenge police every day, demand actions. But don’t make radical changes, that will compromise on public safety.

I have the privilege to live in the safest major city in North America, which has a bright future. Please, keep it that way.

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