Covid-19 Face Masks

This week I will start physically going back to work again, slowly on reduced hours. I will have to use the subway. I also look to the future when I will resume my contracting business and will be going to people’s houses again. That’s why I decided to do a market research and look for a reusable mask. A mask to wear when I go shopping, use the public transit, but also can wear the entire day while doing carpentry. Breathability, durability, and comfortable fit play a big part here. My personal reason to wear a mask is to protect others in case I would get the virus, but wouldn’t show any symptoms and therefore wouldn’t self-isolate. Based on my previous research, I’m looking for a mask made of double layered thick cotton, or a blend of thick cotton and poly. Here is what I found and my thoughts:

Dr. Bailey’s Fabric Surgical Face Mask

Dr. Bailey is a dermatologist that together with her seamstress developed her own surgical mask. The mask is designed to stay on your face the whole day without the need of readjusting and to be easy on your skin. It is made of cotton/poly, inside of the mask is made of 100% cotton flannel. Dr. Bailey claims that thanks to the material, the mask will help to reduce the risk of seborrhea, rosacea and contact dermatitis break outs. You can see Dr. Bailey wearing the mask in two of her Facebook videos here.

+ Cotton flannel inner layer for sensitive skin.
+ Comfortable and adjustable fit for the full day of use.
– Price.

Price: $17 USD/mask (max. 4 per person), $50 CAD priority shipping to Canada.

Gir Reusable Face Mask

Gir is well-established company that makes smartly designed silicone kitchen tools. Their mask is made of medical grade, FDA approved silicone. The mask comes with a set of five filters. The filters are not reusable and you can order extra (10-pack). In case the straps of the masks are too loose, the package includes a clip that you can use to secure the straps behind your head. I like the design and the direction. You can choose from multiple colors and you can also buy a kid’s size mask. I can see a product like this becoming an urban fashion statement.

But as almost every first version of a product, even this one has it’s drawbacks. I can imagine that using this mask while performing physical work wouldn’t be that comfortable, given the perforated area being relatively small. You would soon have hard time breathing and it would get hot inside, especially in the summer. One thing that I’m also worried about is: When somebody decide to use the mask without a filter, will it be visible enough that there is no filter being used?

I will monitor this product. I’m excited to see Gir Reusable Face Mask 2.0.

Video demonstration:

+ Design.
+ Will not get wet fast in the rain.
+ Quick washing with more options.
+ Durable.
+ Option to buy and donate a kit.
– Need to use a filter that is not reusable.
– Gets hot inside.
– Harder to breathe when physically active.

Price: $15 USD for Air Kiss kit (mask, 5 filters, clip), $10 USD for 10 addition filters. Multiple shipping options to Canada for reasonable price.

Orucase Reusable Adult Mask

Orucase is a manufacturer of trendy and functional fabric accessories for cyclists. Their mask is made of poly tricot material. Poly tricot is synthetic material developed for use in sports clothing, thus have a good breathable properties. The mask has a pocket for a filter. However, the filter is not included. And I couldn’t find any info on how is poly tricot alone effective in catching droplets and particles.

+ Breathability.
+ Snug fit and adjustments.
+ Option to donate a mask.
– Not made of natural fibers.
– No data on effectiveness of the mask without filter.

Price: $ 29.00 USD ($ 28.27 CAD) for 2-Pack, $ 10 USD standard shipping to Canada.

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