My this year’s TIFF was all about inspiration and learning. Learning more about the people in North America, particularly the skating community in LA. And getting a new life drive from young talented people putting so much effort into something, resulting in a beautiful story piece.

My #TIFF18 hot pancake:

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Microsoft investing in Toronto

Open, dynamic and smart city. A city that always looks forward, striving to be better. It is exciting to see Microsoft initiative and investments to this city. I can’t wait for what’s next. And I’m eager to be a part of it.

Your newcomer.


hitting the ice one last time this year. knowing, that i will be able to jump on the next year (if i don’t screw up). somehow it feels like the beginning of something new. truly a blessing.


Prague 2014

It’s always here colder in February
Once we’re aquainted with the Autumn leaves
We are accosted by the frost and sleet
Never waking up, but barely asleep
Summer was a dull affair
Walking bleary eyed from bar to bar
Trying to summon up the courage to feel the contact of the shallowest heart
So I’m escaping from my ignorance
Less fucking eloquent with every step
I’m going away, I’m going away
I promise you I’m fine
One stumble on an infinite climb

Protest on Czech president Zeman, the Putin’s sympathizer, by Femen

“… I wanted to alert your nation before they will reelect president Zeman for the second term. Why I did it? Zeman is a friend of Putin and Putin attacked my country, Ukraine. There was a war and people died. Putin is an aggressor and he is really dangerous. He is a dictator. I think that the president of a democratic country can’t be friend of the dictator. The persons from security were really rude, they told me /shut up bitch/ when I told them that my hands are tied up too tight. …” – Angelina Diash