Defund the police? More like “Reform the police”

Too many radical changes happened in the past that lead to even bigger evil. The opposite of what the purpose was. In the Czech Republic, people’s dissatisfaction with previous governments tied to many scandals and corruption lead to the election of PM Babis. Babis was a successful billionaire businessman, who never entered the politics. People thought about him as somebody “pure and innocent”, that can finally lead the country without being corrupted or act in his self-interest. Babis is now investigated for suspected European Union subsidy fraud and allegations of conflicts of interest because of his former business empire. Situation in the US is strangely similar. In 2017 people of the United States voted for Trump. A billionaire businessman, who promised to bring a real change to the previous establishments. In both cases people voted for a change, but that change turned out to be radical and even a worse choice than the previous reality.

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Covid-19 Face Masks

This week I will start physically going back to work again, slowly on reduced hours. I will have to use the subway. I also look to the future when I will resume my contracting business and will be going to people’s houses again. That’s why I decided to do a market research and look for a reusable mask. A mask to wear when I go shopping, use the public transit, but also can wear the entire day while doing carpentry. Breathability, durability, and comfortable fit play a big part here. My personal reason to wear a mask is to protect others in case I would get the virus, but wouldn’t show any symptoms and therefore wouldn’t self-isolate. Based on my previous research, I’m looking for a mask made of double layered thick cotton, or a blend of thick cotton and poly. Here is what I found and my thoughts:

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Remembrance Day in Toronto – 100 years since the end of WWI

Mayor John Tory: “.. to renew our commitment to striving the peace, seeking the world without war, standing up for a way of life that so many gave their lives to preserve and to protect. And now more than ever that way of life must continue to include respect for each other, acceptance for each other. The freedom to be who you are was a big part of what that sacrifice was all about. The greatest act of respect and remembrance we could perform and honor of those we lost in all of the wars would be to stand up against the seemingly growing tide of polarization and far too often outright hatred. This too was what those young people were fighting against. And it must never again take a war to remind us that a part of our hard earned liberty is not just to be able to say what we all want and to be who we are, but also to live in a city and in a world where we respect each other and pledge to life free of discrimination and hatred.”

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The first massive humanitarian assistance in history

During the liberation of the Western Czechoslovakia by US Army, General Patton brought humanitarian aid worth 261 million dollars. It was called “UNRRA”, financed by USA, Canada, Great Britain and others (future UN founding members). It was the first project of massive international humanitarian and development assistance in history. Starting another occupation, this time by communist Russia, it was banned to talk about “UNRRA” for decades. #lestweforget #remember #remembranceday

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